Christina Aguilera nipple slip

July 14th, 2014Posted by admin


Christina Aguilera might be a mom now and married to the man of her dreams but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t still letting some hot celeb pics leak out into the media!

The girl still has a killer body – maybe even better since she had a kid.

She’s got a great rack and her breasts are nice and full.

And as you can see in this sexy celebrity picture, she’s got a pierced nipple that shows clearly through the thin fabric of her shirt.

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Anna Kournikova showing off her little ass

June 24th, 2014Posted by admin


Anna is certainly a cheeky little monkey isn’t she?This celeb pic shows her out on the courts working up a good sweat and making some adjustments to her skirt to show off her tight little ass.

I have to say that this toned athletic babe has one of the finest bodies I’ve ever seen and she’s either a little bit of a show off or a little bit naïve because this isn’t the first time I’ve seen her give a celeb oops pic that shows off a lot of skin.

Doesn’t she know that guys like us are getting hard ons over her “accidental” pics and that the paparazzi is ready to get all those celebrity pics out to us as fast as possible?

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Tara Reid boobs in white dress

June 4th, 2014Posted by admin


Tara Reid is pretty in white and the celeb pics start coming out online whenever summer comes around and she starts wearing those low cut dresses.

Ok, Tara Reid may not be the sexiest star out there but she’s definitely one of the skankiest.You just never know when she’s going to be having a nip slip moment or something else that is Tara Reid oops picture worthy.

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Celeb Jessica Alba in a skimpy bikini

May 15th, 2014Posted by admin


When it comes to hot celeb pictures there isn’t anyone hotter than Jessica Alba.I think that one of main appeals to Jessica Alba and her sexy body is that she is a very private person and getting any revealing pictures of her at all takes a lot of work.So when hot celeb pics, like this beach shot in a skimpy bikini, of Jessica Alba come out we are all over them.But you know, there are hotter pics of her out there – they are just harder to find!But check out this hot site and you’ll be surprised at who you find there and what they are wearing (or not wearing)!

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Aisleyne Horgan Wallace nipple slip

April 25th, 2014Posted by admin


If you are wondering how nipple slips could keep happening to different celebrities time and again, I would like to you consider the case of Aisleyne Horgan Wallace. This TV personality, most popularly known for her appearance in “Big Brother” series is also famous for her repeated nipple slips.

What you see in this picture is Wallace being moving across the street with two people holding her hands. Most of her buttons are open, which makes way for the nipple slip to take place. Miss Wallace is in no mood or hurry to fix up the slip, and seems to be oblivious about it! However, this is not the first time. She has been to her book launch, where she accidentally also had done the boob launch too! Perhaps, these are ways to get the viewer’s attention, and pave way for a better career. However, all I can say from this picture is that, Aisleyne Horgan Wallace is extremely determined to give the photographers a glimpse of her treasured assets, in order to hit the news! News or not, this happens to be an asset for nip slip lovers too! But, for Miss Wallace, repeated occurrences of such nip slips might steal the excitement of it completely!

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