Jordan Sex Tape

April 5th, 2014Posted by admin


The greatest asset that comes along with feminine side of a woman is her sexuality and the ease with which she uses this sexual elegance of her to vow the world and make people take notice. Katie Price or our very well known Jordan sure is much aware of this sexual side of her, and uses it to great perfection.

And well, even the picture does not disappoint in bringing out what has become a rage in the internet circles. The depiction of Katie Price turning into that long gone Jordan and drooling over an unidentified penis has proved to be an able interest generator into this much publicized sex tape.

The sex tape does not come as a surprise to the viewers, as all of us our well aware of the bold ways of our beloved Jordan. If she can muster the guts and the courage to publicize her sex with her hubby, Peter Andre, this is not much of a task for the sizzler.

The question crossing the minds of one and all who see Jordan’s sex tape is who is the lucky bastard who gets to hold the camera throughout the recording.Well,the question remains unanswered but whoever it was, surely had a night of his life – next to the siren Katie Perry.

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Megan Fox sexy look

March 16th, 2014Posted by admin


There has been an intense rush of pictures popping up of Megan Fox all over the world in fantastic dresses during the Transformers world tour.
Megan Fox is looking good as fuck I have to say. She’s seen here in New York before doing Letterman and she has on this sweet black dress that is held up nicely with her nice juicy tits. She has something special that gets me so turned on, but I guess we’ll never know exactly what. Check out her nude pictures and all kinds of other hot celebrity photos.

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Katie Price topless

February 24th, 2014Posted by admin


Katie Price has been getting a lot of attention lately – the attention that she’s been craving ever since she took the big step of getting her B cup breasts increased to a whopping F cup.

She’s been around for awhile but it’s only recently that the media have started to notice her and started letting sexy celeb pics slip out.I don’t know if it is her acting or that smoking hot body of hers that gets all the attention but I’ll bet that it is her body (since I’ve never seen her act!).

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Anna Kournikova tanning topless

February 4th, 2014Posted by admin


There was a time when everyone thought Anna Kournikova was a sweet young girl and then the celebrity oops pics came out of her sun tanning topless on the beach.And these are pics you don’t want to miss. Anna Kournikova has a great set of tits – small and well proportioned to her body but with puffy nipples that will have you thinking about all sorts of dirty things about her.She’s very cute tanning her bare breasts on the beach.Seeing this celeb pic makes you want to see more I’ll bet and I’ve got just the place for you.You have to check out Celeb Busters where there are loads of oops pics of Anna Kournikova, many of which can not be found at other places online.

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Tara Reid stripping on the beach

January 15th, 2014Posted by admin


Summer time means that it is time for lots of celebrity oops pictures so the paparazzi head to the beach.That’s where they get loads of sexy bikini pics like this one of Tara Reid stripping down and getting ready to soak up some rays.

This girl is very fond of the beach and tiny little bikinis that show off everything that she paid for.Celeb pics like this just make summer so much more enjoyable!

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