Jennifer Lopez upskirt

December 1st, 2014Posted by admin


A sexy star, Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to the attention of the paparazzi.She knows they are out there just waiting to capture some awesome celebrity oops pics of her showing off something – anything!

So you’d think she would be a little more careful when she gets out of the car in one of her super short skirts.Fortunately, you’d think wrong.The media got this hot pic as she was sliding out of the back seat and showing off her flesh toned panties.The body guard tried to get to her before they got too many celeb pics but…too late!

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Anna Kournikova in bikini

November 11th, 2014Posted by admin


There are some beautiful celebs out there but the celeb oops pics that I always have to stop and take a closer look at are the ones of Anna Kournikova.She’s extremely gorgeous because she’s always working out and her body shows the results of that.

Being a tennis star and playing competitively doesn’t hurt either.But just because she’s focused on her career doesn’t mean she doesn’t take time to enjoy life and relax.She loves hanging out at the beach and on a speed boat where she can soak up the sun.And when the paparazzifind out she’s showing off her smoking hot body they make sure to take advantage of the chance to get lots of pics of Anna Kournikova oops!

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Tara Reid and her friend upskirts

October 22nd, 2014Posted by admin


Hot little numbers like Tara Reid and her friends don’t seem to care too much about all the photographers that are waiting to take celeb pics of them.

They just go about their business and let the paparazzi go about their business.Even when the photographers get some celeb upskirts pics they don’t care.It’s just part of their life.

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Jessica Alba nice ass in see thru wet bikini

October 2nd, 2014Posted by admin


Uh oh – looks like someone is having a hard time keeping her bikini bottoms up!And when they are wet they are totally see through.When the subject of a celeb pic like this is Jessica Alba that is totally a good thing.

Jessica Alba seems to be showingup in celebrity pictures a lot lately and I am totally loving it.I just can’t get enough of that sexy body.If you’re like me and just want more whenever you see a Jessica Alba celebrity pic you should check out this hot site – you won’t be able to believe your eyes!

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Britney Spears upskirt

September 12th, 2014Posted by admin


Britney Spears has once again decided to skip her panties.The pop icon who was best known for her naughty school girl images in her music videos is really being naughty.Yep, you see it all as she is getting out of her convertible.

Britney long known for her sex appeal as a pop icon is now just known for her partying ways and her reluctance into motherhood.This sans panties look has become popular and you too can see her nice tight freshly waxed pussy.

This picture is much better than past pictures of the pop star which showed her unsightly c-section scar.In this picture you see the goods but nothing that you don’t want to see.Plus she is not intoxicated and does not appear to be on anything in these pictures furthering her good girl being naughty image that has made her so hot.In this photo Ms. Britney Spears is seen getting out of her personal car from the driver’s side and one lucky photographer was able to get the money shot.

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