Angelina Jolie sex scene

January 10th, 2015Posted by admin


It is not very difficult to get hold of nude pictures of Angelina Jolie, who has posed nude for quite a few movies. However, the amusing part of the fact is that each time you see her nude; the excitement you feel is the same as what you felt the first time. Angela Jolie, the supposed queen of Hollywood has never made bones of the fact that she loves to have sex with women, and also never backed out because the scene needed her to be naked.

This photo is a part of a movie named “The Original Sin” where Angela Jolie had a sex scene with the male lead. The whole scene was shot in such a way that Angela’s completely naked body was showcased in the screen. The photo covers the scene where the male lead gets on top of Angela Jolie to have the intercourse. Although, this picture hides her bottom part, it is clearly evident that she is completely naked, and has her left breast visible, beside her long sexy legs! The movie, and especially this picture created a lot of hype in the media, and definitely had increased the popularity of Angela Jolie manifolds.

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Demi Moore sexy bikini

December 21st, 2014Posted by admin


Demi Moore looks delicious in this foxy picture of her on some beach in the Caribbean. She’s got on a black bikini and she really does look amazing. Demi Moore has the tightest body for a mature Hollywood milf. I’d just love to dive right in those legs and give her the rug munching of a life time.

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Jennifer Lopez upskirt

December 1st, 2014Posted by admin


A sexy star, Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to the attention of the paparazzi.She knows they are out there just waiting to capture some awesome celebrity oops pics of her showing off something – anything!

So you’d think she would be a little more careful when she gets out of the car in one of her super short skirts.Fortunately, you’d think wrong.The media got this hot pic as she was sliding out of the back seat and showing off her flesh toned panties.The body guard tried to get to her before they got too many celeb pics but…too late!

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Anna Kournikova in bikini

November 11th, 2014Posted by admin


There are some beautiful celebs out there but the celeb oops pics that I always have to stop and take a closer look at are the ones of Anna Kournikova.She’s extremely gorgeous because she’s always working out and her body shows the results of that.

Being a tennis star and playing competitively doesn’t hurt either.But just because she’s focused on her career doesn’t mean she doesn’t take time to enjoy life and relax.She loves hanging out at the beach and on a speed boat where she can soak up the sun.And when the paparazzifind out she’s showing off her smoking hot body they make sure to take advantage of the chance to get lots of pics of Anna Kournikova oops!

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Tara Reid and her friend upskirts

October 22nd, 2014Posted by admin


Hot little numbers like Tara Reid and her friends don’t seem to care too much about all the photographers that are waiting to take celeb pics of them.

They just go about their business and let the paparazzi go about their business.Even when the photographers get some celeb upskirts pics they don’t care.It’s just part of their life.

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