Alyssa Milano nude tied on a bed

May 10th, 2015Posted by admin


This picture is from the movie Embrace Of The Vampire from 1994. In that erotic thriller Alyssa Milano plays Charlotte a virgin girl and the object of desire of the vampire. The sex scenes of the movie are very hot with lesbian and threesome actions. In this scene Alyssa Milano ends up naked tied to a bed and gets licked everywhere by a man and a woman(Charlotte Lewis).

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Megan Fox see thru

April 20th, 2015Posted by admin


I love it when celebs like Megan Fox show up to celeb events wearing something sheer and sexy.It’s like they don’t even look in the mirror or get someone to check them out before they head off to their event.

In this celeb pic Megan Fox is wearing white and you know what that means – it usually means that it is going to be somewhat sheer under all those bright lights.And that’s exactly what happens.

We get a nice peek at Megan Fox’s nipple in this sexy celebrity picture and all that does is make me want more so I’ll head over to this great celeb site to see what else I can find!

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Anna Kournikova perfect ass

March 31st, 2015Posted by admin


Anna Kournikova has a perfectly shaped bottom – it’s no wonder she ends up in so many celeb pictures.She’s so incredibly fit yet she truly has a woman’s body.With her soft curves and her beautifully toned arms and legs she looks like goddess.I love finding oops pics of Anna Kournikova in her bikini, strutting away.If you want more pics of Anna Kournikova showing off all those beautiful curves you have to check out this hot celeb site.It’s filled with sexy celebs like Anna and you’ll love seeing how much they reveal to the cameras when they don’t know the cameras are there.

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Tara Reid in little bikini showing of her tits

March 11th, 2015Posted by admin


What a surprise – Tara Reid hitting the beach again and giving the photographers more chances to take celeb oops pics of her in her bikini.I swear, when does this girl find time to work?

Oh, well, I guess she hasn’t been working much lately, which is fine because it gives her lots of time to work on her tan.And those skimpy little bikinis make it so much easier to get lots of coverage.

I think Tara Reid loves all of the celebrity pictures of her that turn up on the Internet – it makes her feel like she is still a star!

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Jessica Alba with ass in the air

February 19th, 2015Posted by admin


Have you see Jessica Alba lately?This girl just seems to get finer every year and her celebrity pictures are all you need as proof.Like this picture of Jessica Alba on all fours.I don’t know what the hell she is doing but I don’t really care.That picture of her with her ass in the air just brings all sorts of dirty thoughts to my mind!She’s a sexy woman and her beautiful body should be in pictures every day.And there are tons of celeb pics of her at this site – and in the members area you get to see a whole hell of a lot more skin, too, if you know what I mean!

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