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Jennifer Lopez upskirt


A sexy star, Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to the attention of the paparazzi.She knows they are out there just waiting to capture some awesome celebrity oops pics of her showing off something – anything!

So you’d think she would be a little more careful when she gets out of the car in one of her super short skirts.Fortunately, you’d think wrong.The media got this hot pic as she was sliding out of the back seat and showing off her flesh toned panties.The body guard tried to get to her before they got too many celeb pics but…too late!

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Ali Larter upskirt


I’m no stranger to Ali Larter.When Obsessed came out I was first in line to see this hottie.Unfortunately there are not enough movies featuring her to keep me happy so I start looking for celeb pictures of Ali Larter online.

And you know, there are quite a few.I especially liked this one of her bending over with her sweet ass cheeks peeking out from under her skirt.

I don’t know if she was sans panties or if she was wearing a teeny little thong but that was enough to make me want more.See more celeb pics of Ali Larter at this hot celeb site.

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Britney Spears upskirt


Britney Spears with Paris Hilton in the same car. I like these exclusive pics made by paparazzi with Britney Spears without panties. You can admire its beautiful ass and her little shaved pussy at Celeb Busters. You will find more Britney Spears upskirts and many more celeb upskirts if you click here to visit Celeb Busters.